Locking Up the Data in Your Promotional USB Drive

Every day there seems to be a story about a law enforcement officer who lost his USB drive. One drive alone jeopardized the identities of hundreds of police informants, just because the office dropped the driveway and there was no password protection on the promotional flash drive that he was using. The small size of promotional USB drives has its good and bad points. On the other hand they are mobile you can take them everywhere. That means that they are easily lost, lost or stolen. The police officer for example, drove off with it up there and had left the driveway. You might not be carrying around something as a key list of names, however you will want to make sure that the information you have on your customized USB drives is properly shielded. This is especially true if it is copies of documents, passwords or group records.USB Flash Drive

A great deal of promotional USB drives includes some kind of basic encryption and password capabilities. Without making a massive investment if yours does not you can take some precautions. No security system is 100% effective against prying eyes. From sneaking a peek, however, you can keep the person. If you have got specific files on the promotional flash drive that you need to stay secure, you can do this with the app you used to make it. From the Tools menu of Excel and Word files by way of instance, you can click on Options and Safety. You may enter a password to the document and confirm it. Be sure that you write the password if you do that. You might end up locked out of your file. Another approach with USB drives would be to partition the drive into volumes. This way you can choose to password protect some files but not all.

But, there are more options available on the market featuring far more horsepower. Folder Lock for example, permits you to secure your infinitikloud preise flash drive efficiently. An extra bonus: Folder Lock does not require that its applications be installed on each computer you use it on so if you are using your USB drive to transfer files from the office to home and back, you do not have to add it to your computer. A whole lot of companies do not allow that. With you, Folder Lock Can protects files folders inside or the whole flash drive. Everything can be encrypted too so someone needs to possess the files to be accessed by Folder Lock. They are just gibberish. Many of these products Work with your computer in addition to promotional drives so that you can keep your data on your office or home system under lock and key in addition to your storage devices, like all your flash drives.