Feng Shui Consultation Water Energy and the Color Blue Can Calm You

Water is the most sensitive Element from the environment for it is the universal solvent and may dissolve most materials. Its chemical makeup allows great sensitivity and water can get the most minute of vibrations. In Feng Shui practice water placements are utilized to balance the energy of a house, discharge energy locks, excite peach blossom luck and encourage career among a lot of things. All living things need and Gravitate towards the life giving properties of water. It provides oxygen and moisture. Great Feng Shui and positive chi resides where the terrain could catch auspicious water energy. When water moves– such as in waterfalls, fountains, the ocean surf or maybe a shower-or when heat evaporates water– these create free oxygen and negative ions in the atmosphere. The negatively charged ions attract positively charged pollutants, so, by way of instance, after a rain the air smells fresher and we feel better.Feng Shui Consultation

Negative ions elevate our moods, lift depression, increase our haemoglobin/oxygen affinity and reduce respiration while calming the body. Negative ions also accelerate oxidation of excess serotonin in the bloodstream relieving stress, pain and depression. Studies also have shown that negative ions may also relieve hyperactivity within the body, boost alpha brain waves and help hormone balance all while alkalizing the body, amazing! Water is one of our greatest natural sources of healthy negative ions. In traditional feng shui consultation, positioning of the elements have the most powerful effect in altering or adjusting the energy of a house, so the water component are the first choice in setting a remedy where water might be needed.

Color is the next choice when it is impractical to put an element– because color has a subtler effect. Shade is light energy and the blue light wave light or pigment has a very similar effect on the human organism as real water. In Feng Shui the colour black and blue are traditionally equated with energy. Blue light included in white Light corrects our circadian rhythms or sleep cycles and stimulate the body’s serotonin production during daylight hours. This hormone permits us to unwind and sleep. When the light becomes diminished, the body will convert the serotonin to melatonin so we can sleep. Even as blue light helps adapt our sleep cycles– blue light after hours may actually keep us awake–as our bodies need regular long periods of darkness or very low light to have the ability to earn this conversion so we can sleep. Computers, TV’s or Iphones can continue to glow blue light into our eyes even after the sun goes down.